Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gallery.

Westminster Abbey, London, UK

Designed with a real sense of craftmanship combined with a contemporary aesthetic, MUMA’s interventions show a practice exploiting its best skills to deliver a scheme of real quality within a truly unique setting.

The architecture of the space is predominantly thirteenth-century. The gallery runs 70ft above the Abbey floor, and has been hidden to the public for over 700 years. The new galleries will give visitors magnificent views to the Palace of Westminster and into the church, displaying treasures and collections reflecting the Abbey’s rich and varied thousand-year history.

Approximately 300 exhibits in many different media are on display, of which about 160 are within 42 GLASBAU HAHN display cases. The space is strongly influenced by the external environmental conditions and air exchange through the arcade into the main Abbey airspace. It therefore presents significant challenges in ensuring a stable environment appropriate to the objects which are to be displayed.    

Project details.


2016  – 2018

Number of display cases


Client's name

The Chapter Office Westminster Abbey

Client since


GBH team

Mimon Allitou | Iris Großmann

Exhibit designer

Light designer


Equipment of all display cases.

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