European Galleries 1600-1815.

V&A, London, UK

Around 1,100 objects exploring European art and design between 1600 and 1815, including spectacular examples of textiles and fashion, painting and sculpture, ceramics and glass, furniture and metalwork, prints and books are now represented in the stunning new European galleries of the V&A.

The Europe Galleries are now presenting French, German and Italian objects as well as art and design from Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The redevelopment program of the V&A known as Future Plan has expanded the representation of Europe and succeeds to broaden the picture of the period.

By stripping out interiors built in the 1970s, the original Aston Webb architecture was revealed and over 350 square metres of gallery space was brought back into public use. The original parquet flooring was restored, and long vistas through the suite of rooms were created by remodelling the space.

The renovation of V&A’s New Europe Galleries was GBH last project in the V&A Future Plan with nearly 100 new display cases. The seven galleries are compelling designed by the London Architects and Designers ZMMA with a special cure of materials and details including some challenging special constructions.

Project details.



Number of display cases

113 Freestanding display cases with Corian insert panel, opening system „Pull and Slide“

Client's name

Victoria & Albert Museum

Client since


GBH team

Mihai Neacsu | Mimon Allitou | Iris Großmann

Exhibit designer

Light designer


Equipment of all display cases.

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