We are where we are because of our team.


At the heart of Glasbau Hahn are our people. We are proud to have a unique multidisciplinary and multi-ethnic team that lives every day with sensitivity to cultural diversity and works with determination and passion to preserve our shared world heritage and history.

Every client stakeholder finds a professional counterpart in our team, enabling us to provide our clients with unparalleled support in all areas of expertise.

Isabel Hahn

Board Member

is one of the 3 shareholders of the company and works as a sales/project manager for very important clients. Ms Hahn holds a degree in Business Administration from the European Business School in Eltville, with study exchange programmes in Berkley, CA, Bentley College in Boston, MA & Ecole Supérieure à Dijon, France. She worked in the strategic department of SCHOTT Glass in Mainz. She joined Glasbau Hahn in 1996.

Hamadi El-Ayari


Hamadi El-Ayari was born in Frankfurt in July 1970 and is an engineer by training (biotechnology, plastics and polymer technologies and thermodynamics). Before joining Glasbau Hahn as CEO on 1 May 2023, he held various management positions in different companies and industries (including SCHOTT, a leading German glass manufacturer). His main task is to gradually take over the entire responsibility for the company from his predecessor, Norbert Leonhardt, while at the same time continuing to strengthen the market position and growth of the oldest and most renowned manufacturer of museum display cases – Glasbau Hahn.

Norbert Leonhardt


Norbert has been with Glasbau Hahn since 1979. Since 1990, he has been Technical Director responsible for technical development and innovation, production line control and quality.

He has a degree in toolmaking and process engineering. As a senior engineer at Glasbau Hahn for more than 40 years, Mr Leonhardt has a wealth of experience in all types of showcases, particularly in the design of unusual showcases.

Friederike Schäfer

Head of preventive conservation

Friederike Schäfer graduated in conservation from ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels. She worked as a conservator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and joined GBH in 2017.

Ms Schäfer is responsible for preventive conservation and material testing. She contributes to design development and R&D and is part of our Design Assist team.

Peter Hohenstatt

Marketing, Business Development, System Engineering

Peter has over 30 years experience in exhibition design, museum planning, project development and project management, working with the world’s leading architects, exhibition designers and museum professionals. He was directly involved in the display of the Mona Lisa. He has two university degrees, one in design and a second in philosophy and art history. He taught museography for over 10 years as a contract professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Parma, Italy. He is an internationally renowned Leonardo specialist with publications and curated exhibitions.

He leads our development team as a system engineer and is responsible for our design assistance collaborations. He oversees Glasbau Hahn’s marketing activities and manages our business development team.

Markus Knecht

Executive museum consultant

Markus leads our sales team and personally oversees the Middle and Far East. He joined the company in 2014 and has successfully completed projects all over the world.  His practical experience makes him a sought-after consultant for museum projects. Mr. Knecht is a trained cabinet maker with commercial training in retail and design, as well as training in business administration, sales and personnel management.

Haithem Ouerghi

Head of Engineering

Haithem has been with Glasbau Hahn for over 8 years. He manages and coordinates all engineering activities with his team, from design development with mock-ups & prototypes to manufacturing and installation.

He coordinates all activities with the technical office team. Haithem manages and checks all workshop drawings and interfaces with the building services.

Houcine Kambouch

Structural Engineering and Project Management

Dr. Houcine Kambouch is an architect, structural engineer and project manager. He has been with Glasbau Hahn now for 7 years and is involved in all our structural engineering activities. As project manager, he has managed major projects such as the National Museum of Qatar in Doha, the Polycentric Museum of Vergina in Greece, the Museum of New Cairo and the Grand Egyptian Museum in Gizeh. He is the only recognised evaluator of display cases in Germany.

Jurij Reichert

Engineering and project development

Skilled engineer with extensive experience in museum display cases, including special constructions. During his 10 years with GBH, Jurij has been involved in various projects in Europe and the Middle East. He was the lead engineer for the Oman Across the Ages Museum. Jurij has been part of the Design Assist team for over 2 years.

Sebastian Irimia

Head of climate control

Sebastian Irimia has joined Glasbau Hahn in 2019 as a climate control consultant. He heads the climate department and is responsible for climate research and development, as well as the production of our climate units. Sebastian will ensure that the climate and air filtration units and silica gel compartments meet our customers‘ specifications and expectations. He is also responsible for AER testing. Sebastian is part of our design assist team.

Matthias Mögler

Head of electrical engineering

Matthias Mögler joined Glasbau Hahn in 2002 as a master electrician. He manages the electrical workshop and is therefore involved in all projects where case lighting, alarms or electrical equipment is required. He holds a master craftsman’s diploma in electrical engineering from the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For larger projects, Matthias will be the lead electrician on site. Matthias is part of our design assist team.

Ahmed Metwally

Head of project management

Mr Metwally heads up our Project Management Office. As the lead project manager, he plans and sequences activities, develops schedules and monitors progress, and manages the project’s finances and cash flow.

He also manages technical coordination internally, with the client and their consultants, and tracks engineering progress.

Ahmed manages procurement and suppliers as part of his role, which involves overseeing, monitoring the execution on site and coordinating with various project parties.

Klaus Heller

Head of production and responsible sustainability

Klaus Heller has been a member of the GBH management team for 3 years. He is much appreciated by his colleagues for his calm and friendly demeanour in stressful situations, never losing sight of the big picture and responding promptly to enquiries. Mr Heller is also responsible for quality control and personally checks the finishes. Showcases that do not meet his standards do not leave the factory. Klaus is involved in all GBH projects.

Andreas Bavosi

Head of glass workshop and assembly

Andreas Bavosi joined Glasbau Hahn in 1988. He is our workshop supervisor in Frankfurt. He is responsible for the flawless production and pre-assembly of showcases in the workshop, as well as packing and organising deliveries.

Olaf Renken

Production manager / H&S and sustainability officier

Olaf Renken, joined Glasbau Hahn in September 2019 and is supporting the production management of Glasbau Hahn showcases. He is responsible for coordinating the work of the glazier and metal workshop. He ensures that all parts are produced on time. Olaf is also responsible for work safety and sustainability.

Radomir Mikic

Head of metal workshop

Radomir Mikic joined Glasbau Hahn in 1991.

As the leader of a team of metal craftsmen, he manages all processes in the workshop. He supervises the coordinated work of all craftsmen in order to achieve the best quality of metal structures. Radomir is involved in all GBH projects.

Claudia Mayer

Human resources

„I enjoy my job, it is important to me to work with people and to contribute to the development of the organisation at a central point in our company. As HR Manager, I look after all our employees‘ needs and prepare the payroll. The satisfaction of my colleagues is my first concern. „

Christoph Opis

Procurement and responsible quality management

Christoph Opis is a certified glass technician and has been working for Glasbau Hahn for more than 30 years. For more than 20 years he has been our product manager for special constructions and our quality manager for HAHN-Pure (BAM certified) display cases. He is also responsible for glass procurement and regular quality control of all materials. Christoph is our specialist for customised high security glass solutions.

Mert Öztürk


Mert organises the shipment, handling and, if necessary, storage of goods. He oversees the interaction of all parties involved in a logistics chain, from the shipper to freight, transport and handling companies, warehouse operators and insurance companies, through to the end customer. He also advises and supports our project manager, for example on the choice of means and methods of transport or packaging. He calculates prices, prepares quotations, draws up contracts and arranges insurance cover.

Sofiene Abderrahmane

Head of Installation and site management

Mr Abderrahmane joined GLASBAU HAHN in 1998 as Site Manager. He is a qualified metalworker with a Master’s degree from the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has been the responsible Site Manager for several important projects such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries Westminster Abbey, London, the Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, the Victoria and Albert Museum London, the Getty Center, Los Angeles and the Grand Egyptian Museum in Gizeh.

André Marx


„My father was an engineer and I myself became a business economist with a strong technical affinity and an interest in mechanics and construction, without losing sight of the numbers.

In my role as commercial manager, my team and I are responsible for financial accounting, wages and salaries, cost accounting, planning/forecasting, contracts and general administration.

I enjoy doing the maths for Glasbau Hahn and our customers, regardless of the area of the value chain.“

Sven Diermeier


Sven Diermeier is a graduate economist. He studied economics at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen. Mr. Diermeier joined the Glasbau Hahn team in 2023 as a project controller and financial planner.

Pascal Petit

Representative France and Spain

Pascal has been a museum consultant and GBH’s national representative in France and Spain since 2016. He works with museum curators and scenographers to define our clients‘ needs. He advises and assists in the feasibility and implementation of our clients‘ projects.

Robert Fischer

Glasbau Hahn USA

Mr Fischer is responsible for Sales & Project Management. He has been with Glasbau Hahn America since 2017 and is the lead liaison between Germany and the USA. A proven project manager with an eye for detail. Graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, 1984. Studied design, illustration, marketing and art history with a 3.8 GPA. He has a strong dimensional design background and holds two US Utility Patents. He brings a career of success as a project manager and proven solution provider.

Yolanda Chen

Glasbau Hahn China

Ms Chen joined Glasbau Hahn China in March 2008. Mrs Chen oversees projects from contract signing, installation coordination to final acceptance and payment.

Since 2015, she has been involved in promotion, sales and management.

Jun Nieda

Glasbau Hahn Japan

Mr Nieda is the head of our office in Japan. He has been representing GBH Showcases since 2010. Mr Nieda has extensive experience in interior design and lighting design.

He has a university degree in interior and furniture design and a degree in business administration.