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The installation was a critical component, being a historic building, vibrating floor and difficult pathways, technical cases, opening systems, AER, atypical finishes, climate control, worked closely with architect. Approximately 160 exhibits are within 42 GLASBAU HAHN display cases. The space is strongly influenced by the external environmental conditions and air exchange through the arcade into the main Abbey airspace. It therefore presents significant challenges in ensuring a stable environment appropriate to the objects which are to be displayed. The installation process was managed very well around events and ceremonies in the Abbey. Working time was adjusted with respect to the events or by avoiding any noise during this time. The kick base of the showcases was scribed according to the floor height, which deviated strongly. The showcases had to be fixed in a manner to the floor, so that vibration caused by the double wooden floor was avoided. The historic building with its small and difficult pathways required a detailed delivery and installation methodology.

Project details.


November 2016 – November 2017

Project Amount

42 showcases incl. stone-cladding

Client's name

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gallery
Westminster Abbey, The Chapter Office
20 Dean s Yard. SW1P3PA London, Great Britain


2.100.000 €

GBH team

Mimon Allitou | Goran Kukic |  Iris Großmann

Contact partner

Dr. Susan Jenkins
Tel: +44 207 654 4827

Showcases applied.

Freestanding showcase with Horyujiprofile, Monorail sliding door, Silica-Gel drawer on the side.

Dimensions: L 2,200 mm, W 1,400 mm, H 2,600 mm

5 Freestanding drawer cases. The opening of the drawers is possible up to 100%.

Here, the visitor can see members of the Royal family with their clothing.

Freestanding showcase with hinged door and electromagnetic closure.

Dimensions: L 1,450 mm, W 1,450 mm, H 3,600 mm

2 Table display cases with lift hoods.

Dimensions: L 2,100 mm, W 650 mm, H 750 mm and L 1,000 mm, W 1,000 mm, H 750 mm

Equipment of all display cases.

Bases and glass

We have adapted the bases of all display cases to the columns of Westminster Abbey. The stone used, comes from a quarry in England. The origin of the column’s stone comes from the same quarry. The columns are 1000 years old. All display cases have anti-reflective stepglass.


All display cases have a built-in vibration alarm, a humidity and light sensor (temperature measurement) and a Silica-Gel box. The data can be monitored remote via WLAN.

Aurora Museum

Two invisible jewellery glass display cases in Tadao Ando’s jewellery box of the Aurora Museum.

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National Palace Museum

Glasbau Hahn installed 19 wall cases & 1 free-standing display cases. Some cases in Buddha Gallery are up to 9m high, up to 25m long, and some cases in the Textile Gallery are double-faced & curved.

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Qasr Al Hosn Fort

Qasr Al Hosn is a world-class museum that reflects the history of Abu Dhabi and the role it played in the founding and growth of a nation.

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