Diligence and experience are ingredients for our successful projects.


Glasbau Hahn has decided to start with a small collection of recent projects, which we will gradually add to with older and newer projects. We offer you basic information about the projects together with our icon bar, which represents the technical features of the display cases supplied.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gallery

Designed with a real sense of craftmanship combined with a contemporary aesthetic, MUMA’s interventions show a practice exploiting its best skills to deliver a scheme of real quality within a truly unique setting.

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Oman Across Ages Museum

Oman Across Ages Museum narrates the country’s rich history, its culture, and economic growth over time while offering a convincing insight into Oman’s tomorrow.

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European Galleries 1600-1815

Around 1,100 objects exploring European art and design between 1600 and 1815, including spectacular examples of textiles and fashion, painting and sculpture, ceramics and glass, furniture and metalwork, prints and books are now represented in the stunning new European galleries of the V&A.

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National Museum of Qatar

Poetical architecture meets sensitive exhibition design in mood creating light scenarios. The breath-taking architecture of Pritzker Prize laureate Jean Nouvel was inspired by a sand rose and opens up expressive spatial sequences of incredible grace.

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Mosque of the Holy Jacket

Built in 1851 by Sultan Abdülmecid, this Mosque was built to be home of the famous Holy Jacket and to offer worshippers access to the sacred artefact. The Hirka – i Serif was a present of the Prophet Mohammed to the Saint Üveys el Karani.

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The Frick Collection

Public will have the first-time access to the mansion’s second floor, which presents small-scale sculptures, ceramics, portrait medals, drawings, and paintings in a highly refined design.

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Qasr Al Hosn Fort

Qasr Al Hosn is a world-class museum that reflects the history of Abu Dhabi and the role it played in the founding and growth of a nation.

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National Palace Museum

Glasbau Hahn installed 19 wall cases & 1 free-standing display cases. Some cases in Buddha Gallery are up to 9m high, up to 25m long, and some cases in the Textile Gallery are double-faced & curved.

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