Liangzhu Museum.

Hangzhou, China

Invisible technical equipment in minimalistic display case design.

The museum is composed of four bar-formed volumes made of Iranian travertine stone, equal in 18m width but differing in height.

The museum houses a collection of archaeological findings from the Liangzhu culture, also known as the Jade culture (ca. 3000 BC).

GBH engineered, constructed and delivered two conservation grade freestanding display cases with motorized opening systems and a custom produced LED lighting system.

Project details.



Number of display cases


Client's name

Dalian Zhengye Trading Co. Ltd.

Client since


GBH team

Roman Kuch | Mihai Neacsu

Exhibit designer

Liangzhu Museum, Glasbau Hahn

Light designer

Liangzhu Museum, Glasbau Hahn


Equipment of all display cases.

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