Perfection does not come when nothing more can be added, but when nothing more can be taken away.
The display case in its highest perfection is invisible.

Our history.

Nearly 200 Years of excellence in glass and museum display cases with over 130 patents.

The company was founded in 1829 as a glazier’s shop in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 1931, Otto Hahn, a nephew of the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Otto Hahn, developed the glass cement that made all-glass construction possible. Glasbau Hahn’s first all-glass display case was awarded a gold medal at the Paris World Fair in 1937.

Since then, Glasbau Hahn has been at the forefront of all innovations in the museum sector relating to display cases, be it in the field of preventive conservation, monitoring through data acquisition, the development of all major opening systems, the introduction of fibre optic lighting and LED lighting or the initiation of the BEMMA programme to control air quality in display cases in cooperation with BAM. Today, Glasbau Hahn’s commitment to traffic and operational safety once again places it at the forefront of the development of sustainable structures for the preservation of our physical world heritage in exhibitions and depots.

The foundation date back to more than 180 years
Production of the HAHN glass-cement
First glass-to-glass bonding
First all-glass display case (with recessed sliding door hardware, with a 3-way opening)
Advanced development of operating hardware for display cases: Monorail, Duorail and Duotrack
Design of the first HAHN-module system
Development of active HAHN climate control systems for display cases Introduction of the HAHN PROTECTOR picture case with a hermetically sealed micro-climate
Production of active climate control units RK 1 and RK 2 for digitally monitored micro climates
Development of the first HAHN nitrogen display case
Development of the HAHN CONTROL system to digitally monitor humidity and lighting via remote PC
The revolutionary slide’n'turn access system, a combined 3-way sliding door and 90° rotating hinged door
Certification for HAHN PURE emission-tested materials
GBH moves to larger unified facility
Patent for APU3 Filter unit