Aurora Museum.

Shanghai, China

Two invisible jewellery glass display cases in Tadao Ando’s jewellery box of the Aurora Museum.

The architecture of the museum is inspired by the jewellery box, which uses the glass curtain to build a concise and clear geometric appearance. In the Huangpu night scenery, the museum is like a deep, quiet and reserved blue jewellery box.

Aurora Museum is the first private art museum in the Lujiazui area of Shanghai, which was officially opened in October 2013. It has six floors and 6316 square meters.

The museum collection can be divided into Buddhist Sculptures, Ancient Jade, Ancient Pottery Figures, and Blue-and-white Porcelains.

The Museum integrated 2018 two display cases in the exhibition to protect 2 important blue porcelain vases. The difficulty was to insert the cases in an aesthetically strong presentation context without disturbing it creating a flush to the floor design. An endeavour which could be managed because a similar technical solutions was already engineered for the V&A European Galleries in London.

Project details.



Number of display cases


Client's name

Aurora Museum Shanghai

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GBH team

Mihai Neacsu | Roman Kuch | Youlanda Chen

Exhibit designer

Aurora Museum, Glasbau Hahn

Light designer

Aurora Museum


Equipment of all display cases.

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